Question HDD keeps disappearing when trying to save something

Jul 6, 2020
Hey guys, My uncle recently gave me a pretty decent 2014 PC, It contained a 500 GB WD SSD which was added along the way and it's original 2 TB HDD. It was running smoothly and good until I noticed that every time I try to save a file either from Photoshop or MS Word, The programs would stop responding. In a few minutes, The applications would start responding again but the hard drive seems to have completely disappeared. Disk Management doesn't detect it, File Explorer just has a D:\ with a hard drive having a question mark as an icon. A restart seems to make it be detected again but the problem is I can't save my files there which I planned to save it in the HDD, I tried installing games but the same situation unwinds after Steam gets to the 'performing first time launch' part. I've tried disconnecting the SATA wire and moving it to the other ports, Seems like this solution doesn't work.

Need help guys, Thanks in advance!! <3