Question HDD makes pc not boot, and cannot open it at all. Any way to save some of it's content?


Apr 13, 2014
A friend of mine had a 3TB external drive that stopped working. He has asked me if I could take a look at it and recover what's on it, since he had a lot of his work on it. After trying to connect the external drive and waiting for over an hour it did not load. We opened it up to take the HDD out and tried connecting it to my motherboard and then powering on the PC. when I did that it just got stuck on the loading page(the one where it shows your motherboard brand where you may enter the bios). I then tried connecting it only to the power supply, turning on the pc and then connecting the sata cable, but it just didn't show(I could hear it running though).

Is there any way to access this drive or is everything on it completely lost? I would really appreciate any help.