HDD messing with Windows but cant detect it in BIOS or Disk Manager

Dec 28, 2018
I installed a new SSD into my PC to be used as the new windows/boot drive, so i went ahead and disconnected my HDD which was being used as the main drive until now from the SATA port on the motherboard while i clean installed windows onto the new SSD.
After it was set up and running, having made sure that the SSD was showing up as the primary boot drive in BIOS i shut the PC off and went plugged the HDD back into the SATA port. After booting the PC up i found the HDD in Disk Manager and formatted it, wiping it clean. When i looked at it in Disk Manager however it still had the partitions from when it was being used as the main C: drive and i followed an online guide that went through converting the system partitions into data ones and deleting them through CMD. Removed all the previous system partitions aside from the 15mb reserved one which i couldn't even through CMD. Went back to Disk Managment and saw that it was now all free, unallocated memory so i created a simple volume and called it Data.
After restarting my computer however, the HDD was no longer showing up. Checked my BIOS and Disk management but it showed the Sata port as empty.
Here's the weird thing. If the HDD is not plugged in, windows boots up and shuts down fine and very quickly. If i plug the HDD in, even if its not being detected, Windows takes ~3-4 mins longer to boot up and shutting down takes near forever.
Have i hard messed up and shot my hard drive? Or it is fixable even if i cant find it when its plugged in.
Any pointers for this would be great thanks.

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