HDD no boot files, then boots?


Oct 15, 2010
So I woke up this morning, computer was in hibernate, wouldn't come out, no deal, turn off my computer, turn it back on, I get to "Loading Operating System" screen
It stays there and then I get an error, I forget cause I'm a complete idiot, I searched it, the cause was no boot files, on Microsoft's website.

So I call my sister, ask her; may I borrow your hard drive, she agreed, so I quickly tested her hard drive on my computer, it worked, so I switched to my hard drive immediately, still no, I had to go to work so I let it go, got home from work, tried again, no.

Anyway, so I take apart my computer, in the hopes of installing my DVD Drive I just achieved from another job I did, got it in, reinstalled my hard drive booted up one last time
and here I am, it somehow works now and I have absolutely no clue why.

My main reason for posting is this: I have been having MAJOR issues with crashes in VIDEO GAMES, only when I am playing a game, while running a video/youtube on my second monitor, I assumed "hey XFX gave me a crap product before maybe this one's dying now", but since this happened, I'm beginning to think this has nothing to do with my graphics card, although I artifact in certain levels on Vindictus, but never on other games, nor any other levels, and my rig runs battlefield 3 well.

So could those issues above be possibly linked to this hard drive?

I'm still using the exact same connectors for this hard drive as I tested on my sisters, so I know it's not my mobo's connectors/SATA wire.

Gigabye 880 GA UD3H
WD Caviar Green 1TB Drive 7200 RPM
Radeon HD 5850
8 GB Kingston HyperX Blu 1333mhz
Phenom II 955 x4 @3.9
580 W Xion PSU

Anything I'm missing feel free to ask, thanks for the time guys, truly stumped by this one. :heink:

ALSO: Since I'm most likely in the market for a hard drive I'm thinking just an SSD, I've heard good and bad about this

But is the OCZ Agility 3 (128 GB) a good/bad choice? I saw it was top 2 of lower range price range but I'd rather wait if I'm gonna end up shoveling money into a furnace.

EDIT2: Might end up with Crucial M4 seen better reviews and the THW Hierarchy
+SFC /scannow No integrity violations, gonna chkdsk eventually, just afraid to shut off my computer lol, I don't expect to come back afterwards.
i would run the wd smarts tests on your drive to see if it fine. and i would check to see if there any firmware update to fix a wake on sleep issues. some seagate drives had a firmware bug that would brick a drive after so many power cycles. i would run a program like msi afterburner to see where the vbideo card drivers and vendor bios set your gpu fan speed. the set the fans anywhere from 10-40 percent. that ok for web surfing but in games it to slow to remove the heat a gpu makes. one other thing to look at is your ram and is it on the mb qual list. a lot of hangs can be ram that not supported by your mb.