Question HDD no longer recognized after booting into Linux Live USB


Mar 12, 2017
My specs:

I booted into Linux Mint 19.3 via a live USB yesterday, and now, my 2TB Seagate Firecuda hybrid drive isn't recognized. It doesn't show up in the BIOS at all; when I boot into Windows (booting and getting past the motherboard logo now takes a long time, too; removing the messed up drive causes the booting to go back to normal), the Disk Management tool does see the drive, but when I try to initialize it, it tells me that I've chosen something that doesn't exist. Also, Device Manager does see the drive as well, but it says it's an unknown device. However, if I right-click and choose Scan for Hardware Changes in Device Manager, the drive disappears from both it and Disk Management.

I have no idea what happened; I had booted Linux Mint 19.3 from that same USB drive a ton of times, and nothing like this has ever happened. I didn't try to install Linux, I didn't try to format anything, I was just using a live environment, and now the drive isn't working; the only interaction I had with the drive while in Linux was that I mounted it to copy a file over to the live environment, and then I unmounted the drive properly. I'd love to get my data off of it, but at this point, just getting it working again would be nice.

Both of my other drives work after getting out of Linux, and if I swap the SATA and power cables around, it's only this one 2TB drive with problems, so I know it's not the cables or the motherboard. I've also tried connecting the drive to a USB SATA adapter, and nothing is recognized (although a sound to let me know that a connection or disconnection happens does occur).

Thanks in advance, I'd love any help that I can get with this.
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