Question HDD not showing in bios ( switched motherboard and cpu recently)

Mar 17, 2022
before i switched motherboard and cpu it was running on windows ( i dont have an ssd)
motherboard: rog strix b550 f gaming
cpu: amd ryzen 5 5600x
gpu: evga geforce 1660 ti( nvidia)
16gb ram/ psu: 750 gq evga
the two hdd i have are WD blue 1tb and 2tb
i have already updated the bios, that did not fix it. the next thing i tried was enabling cms in the bioswhich did not fix it either. i decided to check the different sata ports and cables but nothing came of it. there was a point before all of this where i booted the pc and stupidly tried to power it down while it was booting which resulted in a melted data cable which was connected to the 1tb hdd, i fear that may have fricked all of it.