Hdd not shown on windows 7 install


Dec 16, 2012
So, I've built my system, powered up and everything is shown in my bios
I have a
gigabyte z77 ds3h mobo
cx 600w psu
8gb corsair lp ram
and a 500gb WD caviar blue hdd
i have set my hdd settings to AHCI and my hard drive is set in SATA 2 connector, but when i try to install windows 7 the hard drive doesn't show up at all so i can't install it. does anyone know what to do?


Jan 4, 2013

I would suggest that you go back in to your BIOS and reset the hard drive to SATA 1. That is usually the master hard drive for SATA hard drives. Then make sure to set your power sequence to your CD or DVD drive 1st (whichever one you have your installation disk in). If you are successful, then when the installation asks you to reboot your system the first time, press "DEL" and go back in to your BIOS and reset the power sequence for your hard drive 1st. F10 to save and exit. Be sure to leave your installation disk in the cd/dvd drive so it can continue to install. Now, each time you need to reboot from the installation (yes, you may have to do this a few times), you are good to go. Hope this helps.