Apr 18, 2012
So i bought my computer about a month ago (exactly) and i dont believe im done with it.
So far i bought my Mobo(Asus M5a97), CPU (AMD FX 4100 Performanced clocked at 4.15ghz), Graphics card (Asus gtx 550ti), and RAM(ddr3 8gm 2sticks of patriot vengence) and i got the box power supply(Corsair TX650m and now my problem occurs. Im using my old Hard drives from my computer from 2001. I have both western digital HDDs and one is 150gb running at 7500rpm(or whatever they run at stock) and a external HDD that i made into a internal because it was just a casing ( 750gb running at 5600 rpm - 7500rpm) not really sure what those two RPMs are but theyre usually the average ones that come close to those numbers.

Now my question is, is it worth keeping the two crap harddrives and buying a 128gb SSD Crucial M4 or a 1TB Seagate Barracuda Harddrive?

My ultimate goal would be to have both but i currently do not have the money for both. Just have enough to pick one of those.

Im not looking for answers that persist with "Change out the graphics card" or "Get a whole new computer" Because im not a fan of AMD but it was very well priced out.

Thanks for checking this out you guys i really appreciate it.
Unless you're pushing the limits of your 750gb, go for the SSD. The HDD won't be any faster, if that's your question. The SSD should cut your boot by 20-40 seconds and the hang time after boot (I'm not sure that's a problem for everyone, but it was a huge problem for me) to almost zero.