[SOLVED] HDD possible bricked after secure delete

Dec 1, 2021
I've used PartedMagic to secure erase my HDD.
But i decided to turn off and not to wait to finish the erasing.
At the other day when i tryed to delete all my data with PartedMagic i've had error and was unable to do it.
I've used Windows installer disk with to open cmd and used those commands to wipe the disk :
- diskpart
-list disk
-sel disk
It finished without any errors and i was able to do the deletion of the hdd.
But when try to install any OS i got errors and can't install them.
The HDD is visible at BIOS.
The interesting thing is that when i load a live version on linux distro it show's me that my HDD have only 7.5 GB.....
What to do?


Nov 3, 2014
Run DBAN on that drive. Use a faster method than dod short. It will destroy all the data on the drive including the partition table. Once it is destroyed use parted magic or Gparted to create a new partition table it should read the whole space. Most likely by you stopping it early the partition table is corrupt causing it to report the wrong amount of space. Make sure the affected drive is the only drive plugged in when you start the process. Once dban boots it runs from memory, so you can unpluged the boot usb.

Dban (darik's boot and nuke) is included on the UBCD (ultimate boot disk) or available on the following site.

Offical site: https://dban.org/

UBCD: https://www.ultimatebootcd.com/
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The ATA Security Erase command must be preceded by a set password command. That's required by the ATA specification. You need to read the documentation for the tool which performed the secure erase.

In any case, if the secure erase is interrupted, it should automatically resume after the next power cycle. If you let it run to the end, the password should automatically be cleared.