Question HDD problem (disappearing, no space while empty) ?

Nov 24, 2020
So I was upgrading my hdd to an ssd. I plugged my hdd and a windows install usb to format the hdd (as if i was trying to install windows on it, and formatted the hdd then quit windows install process). I thought it was then done so i shut down the pc and plugged it as my second storage. Since I've had a lot of problem with it : it doesn't boot or boots after a few minutes with it plugged, but then stops. I was able to go to the bios and it makes my ssd invisible to my pc and shows as 5 or 6 options for booting, which don't work. I think some windows files are lost in there. Plugged it on my laptop with a windows installer to try to install it, but it shows as 0,0Mo used but also 0,0Mo free. Once it showed 4000tb free, so i think the probleme is more than physiqcal and more about programs or codes. Tried windows command prompt and i couldn't convert it to any others codes (mbr or gpt, ntfs didn't work as well either). I know you can flash the firmware of ssd so is there an equivalent for hdd? Or anyone has another idea? Thank you for the answers