Question HDD Sata Power broke


Nov 30, 2017
Not sure how I managed but, the plastic around the pins on my HDD broke off so now the sata cable cant fit snug and it wont power on. I tried placing it and taping it on, it worked for my SSD but not for my HDD. Is there anyway I can fix this?
Which connector, power (15 pins) or data (7 pins)? The power connector can be replaced by a 4-pin Molex connector (yellow, black, black, red wires). You would just need to solder each individual wire onto the drive's +12V, +5V and Ground pins. This is much easier than replacing the SATA power connector.

Do you have a soldering iron? If so, I can show you what to do.
I'd seen a similar breakage on a pricey (at the time) Intel 2.5" SSD, where the black plastic had broken, and, 4-5 pins were just sort of hanging in mid-air, and the user had tries to hold the connector straight/level with...<drum roll>... shoe strings! (This would work a while then short out, etc...)

However.... the drive worked flawlessly when inserted into an IcyDock fixed 5.25" drive bay, which of course has fixed, rigid connectors and fully supports the drive from all angles, so there is no drive/cable/connector movement to worry about...(granted, the IcyDOcks cost $39, but, they are nice to have anyway, allowing one to use a 3.5" and/or a 2.5" drive in one bay.)