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Question HDD Seagate 2TB ST2000DM008 is worth buying to put games?


May 30, 2019
Hey, guys.

I am considering buying a HDD Seagate Barracuda 2TB (ST2000DM008) to put only games on it. I've heard from some people that this HDD isn't as good as it appears to be.

Can anyone with experience with this HDD tell me if I can buy it and it will serve me well or is it better to avoid it?


What do you mean by "isn't as good as it appears to be"?

Looking at the drive online it seems to be your basic 7200RPM spinning drive. Sequential read/write speeds of ~150MBps. Random read/write like any other spinning drive is horrible. 1-2MBps. This is why many have moved to SSDs. If you need bulk storage this will work fine. If you want to load your games quickly then no spinning drive will do. SSDs top out at 550MBps sequential, and random can hit 100MBps compared to the 1-2MBps of the drive you are considering.
Jul 5, 2020
If you are going to buy a new drive and game on it as the others have said the SSD is really the way to go. You can always get a 256 (or lower) SSD and a 1TB HDD combo for cold storage transfer the game you want to the SSD then move it out to the HDD when you don't feel like playing it. Then all the other things that you don't feel like it needs extremely fast loading should stay on the HDD like media files. Windows should also be on the SSD.

If what you mean by "isn't as good as it appears to be " is due to Seagate's record with disk failure in the past with particular drives. Well, nowadays no one can really say. These days one should always remember that no device is made exactly the same as another. Because one drive maybe made from the same factory by the same manufacturer but then one can work for a decade under certain conditions and one may fail within just years.