Question HDD showing in Device Manager but is not initialized in Disk Management

Jun 14, 2019

a friend of mine is experiencing a weird bug at the moment. We played some online games yesterday and he turned off his computer as he does every day. Today when he booted he noticed that Steam and some games were just white icons on the desktop. After a quick check, we knew that its HDD was missing in the Explorer. "Just assign a drive letter", I said, but no. After 2 hours of BIOS, google and various forum posts we know the following:

- The HDD (and the SSD he boots from) are not shown in the BIOS (According to MSI Board Explorer only SATA3 is connected to the Disk Drive, every other port is empty)

- The SSD is shown in the Explorer, the HDD at first is not, about 1-2 Minutes in Windows detects it and starts scanning (which ends in an infinite green loading sequence shown at the top)

- Both are showing up in device manager, the HDD as "Unknown Device" at first, later with the name (ST1000xxx)

- The HDD is shown as "not initialized" in Disk Management, when we try to initialize it we get an Error Message ("Error with I/O" idk the exact text)

- The cable, port and hard drive are working (Cable works with SSD on the same port, HDD works in my computer)

And at this point, I don't know what to do anymore... Can someone please help? Maybe someone found a solution to it? (Both of us had the same problem some time ago but it disappeared after a restart)


It sounds like the HDD is having an issue but please try new sata and power cables first.
If it is still having an issue Run Seatools on it and see if it can identify an issue. At worst you will get a failure code which Support would need for the RMA if it's still under warranty.