Question HDD showing up in BIOS but not in File Explorer/Disk Management?

Jul 3, 2020
So this issue happened out of nowhere. My HDD just stopped working while in the middle of using my computer. I lost all my game recordings I made for many videos as well as multiple games downloaded off of Steam. I did a ton of research finding a solution and checked disk management only to find my SSD there but not my HDD (both are internal) and so I tried booting up my BIOS and saw that my BIOS had listed there being an existing HDD as well as SSD. I also tried with another Hard drive from my brothers laptop but it only showed up in the BIOS and not disk management. I went to a computer fixing store and the guy there told me the HDD was faulty and it needed a replacement upon investigation. I'm a little confused seeing as both my brother and my HDD was detected in the BIOS but did not show up in file explorer.

Could it be a Windows software issue or could it be a faulty SATA cable connecting to my motherboard that needs a replacement? Please inform me of any suggestions seeing as I want to ensure that I am not wasting money on buying a new storage device.

p.s. I am on a laptop, not a desktop PC.
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