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Question HDD shows up in BIOS but not in Disk Management/Device Manager

May 4, 2020
I see this gets asked a lot, but have failed to find a solution thus far so thought I'd describe my own circumstances.

Essentially, I'm fixing up an old Xbox One and I think the hard drive might be corrupt so am trying to format it via my PC (I have an SSD boot & 2 x HDDs)... Problem is, I have replaced one of my HDDs with this Xbox HDD and although it is listed in the BIOS, it doesn't show up in Disk Management or Device Manager, nor is it listed in DISKPART.

Another thing to note that might be relevant is when the HDD is hooked up, my boot time is considerably slower even though I have an SSD boot drive and I don't have such a problem with my other 2 storage HDDs. I have also updated my SATA drivers via Device Manager but still no luck.

Here are some relevant screenshots:
View: https://imgur.com/YKR6N96

View: https://imgur.com/Wv2QjiK

View: https://imgur.com/9FgGZzg

I've resigned to the fact the hard drive might just be spent, but any suggestions here are welcome.