Question HDD Spin-Up

Apr 5, 2020
Hello everyone!
I am having an issue with my hdd and w10 and I have tried almost everything relevant found on google with no success.

In my system I have 2 SSD's and and 5 HDD's and the problem is that the all of the HDD's are constantly spinning up with no particular reason. I know that they are supposed to spin up when something is accessing them in any way but this in not the case. We are talking about drivers that contain ONLY data. I could be just watching a movie, browsing, or even doing nothing and suddenly one by one all the hard drives, wake up and start to spin up for no apparent reason.

For example at the moment I am writing this, the system was silent and suddenly it started spinning up the HDD's again (when the drives are not spinning, my system is almost dead silent).

I have used many times a program called HDDScan, that has a feature to spin down a disk and its the only think that worker. It slows the spinning drivers but after a while the cycle starts again. The spinning up happens at least once per hour and lasts around 15-20mins (probably due to the sleep time limit on power management settings).

I have already checked but couldn't find anything really relevant on scheduled tasks, neither I was able to pinpoint which process is accessing them causing the spin up. Finally the indexing is turned of for all of them.
The drives are a mix variety of WD drives(green, blue, 7200rpm, 5400rpm, 1tb,2tb,4tb).
Windows 10 1903