Question HDD upside down


Dec 26, 2020

I have an HDD that was in a normal position for 10 years, but now I want to install it upside down in the case. Because I would put a sponge under it because its noise (rustling) annoys me, but obviously I don't want there to be no space between the electronics and the sponge, due to ventilation.

So it won't be a problem to operate upside down from now on?
The problem with a sponge is it allows you to potentially move the hdd under load, that can potentially destroy the hdd.

Thing is, if a hdd is perceived as noisy, it's most likely due to the computer cabinet being very good at transfering vibration and also increase volume due to it's resonance frequency.

Because of that - I'd much rather advice you purchase a hdd holder of rubber (I see this often called "HDD holder rubber" on ebay, not sure this is the correct term) so that you can fasten the hdd properly. This way, you're less likely to destroy the hdd because of movement when spinning.