Question HDD Used Amazon

Jan 12, 2019
Boys, I wanted to add 1 tb Hdd on my pc, so i searched on Amazon and wanted to buy 1 tb of WD Black, and i saw that there a lot of "Good condition" used hdd at like minus 10 euros from the new price. So Should i buy used one or new one?

Thanks, for reading and helping!!
  1. you can save yourself 10 euros (if you think its worth it) and maybe the warranty is no longer valid so if it dies you are screwed
  2. you maybe able to recover all the information on the hdd if you wanted to see what the hdd was used for.
I wouldn't buy it not for 10 euro save, 50 euro save - maybe.
You might also consider paying a bit more than a 1TB drive for a 2TB model if you think you can use the additional space. The cost per gigabyte of 2TB and larger drives tends to be a lot better than 1TB drives.

As for used or refurbished drives, I would only consider one if it were massively marked down, like half the price or less compared to buying new. Saving a mere $10 doesn't seem worthwhile for a drive that might potentially have reliability issues along with very limited warranty coverage