HDD very loud, like it's under load


Jan 26, 2014
Hello Everyone

So i got a "Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5 HDD" and a "Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5" SSD"

My HDD is occasionally getting very loud like it's under load when it's idle, it also makes a wave like sound, it comes in soft and fades like a wave occasionally.
When it's goes quiet again i can trigger it to be loud by right clicking on the desktop, it's like it takes a bit for the right click to go through like it lagged.

I use my SDD for windows and games and only use the HDD for storage , so i got basically nothing on the HDD and it's pretty new (got it last year).

It's been going on for about 4/7 months, i thought it was a fan first but when i check't the sound came from the HDD.

I have no idea what the problem can be, from what i can tell and read it doesn't sound like it's falling but i'm not sure.

edit 1: I just downloaded Seatools and did a "Short Drive Self Test" and a "Long Generic" Test, both of them passed.

edit 2: I just contacted the distributor and got a replacement. It maybe was just dying, but i never found the problem.


I think that anytime hard drive starts making a noise it didn't make before is a reason to believe the hard drive is starting to fail.

If the noise bothers you I would get another one because I think chances are it won't go away.

If it doesn't bother you....I would still back up whatever data I wanted from it.