Question HDDs not visible in Windows 10 but visible in BIOS

Sep 13, 2020
My college has a server that was built by former students, and I am in charge of the server now. These students have graduated, therefore i have no knoledge of the history of this server. The backplane has spots for 8 drives, 4 of which are HDDs and 1 is an SSD. 4 of the bays for the drives are connected to the motherboard via SATA cables, and the other 4 are connected via SATA to Mini SAS to the motherboard.

When all of the drives are in their correct slots, Windows is booted off of the SSD through one of the SATA cable bays, and the other 4 drives are connected through the SATA to Mini SAS cable. The 4 HDD's show up in BIOS but do not show up in disk management in Windows 10. However when the HDD's are moved to the bays connected via SATA cables they appear in Windows as un-partitioned drives, and one as a GPT Protected Partition.

If anyone could help me understand why the HDDs aren't visible to Windows but are visible to the BIOS menu when connected through the Mini SAS to SATA cable it would be greatly appreciated.
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