[SOLVED] HDD's Reallocated Sectors Count

Dec 11, 2019
Hi, going straight to the point, I've checked my HDD drive using CrystalDiskInfo, and it says that my HDD's health status are good, so i've been looking over"current" and "worst" values of attributes, I wanted to check the default values, I mean the normal or default values for a very first time used HDD, and what really got my attention is, by reading though articles the Reallocated Sectors Count should be 0 for a good HDD ? when i checked CrystalDiskInfo, I found that "Current" and "Worst" values are 100 with "threshold" 36 and i'm really worried, maybe Crystal had an error reading data from my HDD? i'm not even surewheteher these other values for other attributes are normal or not

To make it more clear here is a screenshot of HDD's result

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Current/worst/threshold - all are normalized values.
This means 100 - good, 0 - bad. You can look at them as percentage.

So lets take Relocated Sectors Count.
Current 100, worst 100, threshold 36, data 0(hex).
This means:
Current value is 100% good.
Worst value there ever was - 100% good.
Threshold - the attribute is considered failed, if current drops below 36.
Data - 0 relocated sectors.

So you could say - data is the most important value. It is enough to look at data value only, to get most of info about the attribute in question.
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