Question HDMI 2 to Display port, my ACERXB280HK 4k monitor wont display on 60hz only 24 Hz , please help

Jan 9, 2023
Previous issue someone had but didn't see any resolution. I have my laptop with RTX 3060 plugged in from the HDMI port into display port of my ACERXB280HK 4K monitor, I am getting the option to change the display settings of the monitor to 60hz but will only display the image when set to 24hz. Does have a mini display port if that would be a better route to go down.

Using this cable which states a HDMI to display port use for 4k 60hz: HDMI Display Port cable
Have already tried:
Updating driver
Changed to lower resolutions but will still only display on 24hz setting
Confirmed monitor works on 60hz as it was my previous computer monitor and has been set to that
Cannot change perform scaling to Display from GPU in the Nvidia control panel, no option to.

Any help would be appreciated