Question HDMI 2b not working on compliant TV


Mar 22, 2017
Ok so i have:

ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 2070 Super

LG 55' $K HDR UHD TV Model UK6300PUE


I have an Adaptor cable to run to my TV with 4k at 30hz however i can run 4k resolution. The issue is i can not use HDR at all.

So i have the blackweb HDMI which states it can use 18GBps So it has to be at least HDCP 2.2 compatible. My Video card and TV both are compatible But i believe the cord is not. When i plug it into the HDMI 2b and TV it reads the input and only displays a black screen. I have changed teh color settings in nvidia as well as all resolutions available. Nothing allows the monitor to display an image.

I have been looking online for an adaptor cable for DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.0 in order to get at least 60Hz at 4k with HDR. Now i am also looking into a HDMI 2b cable that i could use as well. My main concern is that i would prefer to get a cable that i could use with more than just 60Hz later in case i upgrade the TV.

Thats all i have. Thank You for your help in advance!
hi, 18GB cable is enough for HDR to display at 4k @ 60
as far i can tell, your 4k @30 adapter doesnt support hdmi 2.0
anyway, your TV should have setting to enable hdmi 2.0 (lg/samsung/etc) have it disabled by default, its usualy called HDMI UHD, if its not enabled, it will run in HDMI 1.4