Question HDMI and Display Port duel Monitor setup doesn't work together anymore.

Aug 7, 2019
I have had my my Aorus GTX 2070 since around the launch of the card and i haven't had many issues with it (despite the Aorus software). Although after buying a new 4TB HDD and installing it i cant seem to be able to connect my two monitors at once anymore, it only chooses one monitor. I have only installed a new HDD and i don't see that being the issue. I have an older BenQ monitor which has a DVI, D-sub and a HDMI port as my first monitor and an ASUS ROG PG279Q QHD 165Hz G-Sync IPS 27in as my second monitor.

I have tried the following:
  • Unplugged one monitor and plugged it in after start up (did for both monitors).
  • Restarted my PC multiple times.
  • the other monitor isn't detected by windows or Nvidia control panels.
  • Once i start my PC with both cables plugged in, my PC chooses the BenQ monitor over my ASUS monitor.
Please help PC Gods.