HDMI and Nvidia graphics driver 'Mode not supported' monitor error


Oct 15, 2014
Hi all

I'm having problems with my HDMI cable connecting my monitor and PC.

Before I installed the Nvidia graphics driver the HDMI cable was working just fine. Aside from the terrible resolution from using the basic graphics driver supplied with my Win 8.1, my monitor was displaying everything normally. However, as soon as the Nvidia graphics driver was installed (in fact, it happens mid way through the installation) my monitor goes black and I get the 'Mode not supported' message displayed on it.

Now everytime I boot the PC up with the HDMI cable connected the black screen and 'Mode not supported' message come up about 10-15 seconds after the windows logo begins to load everything right before I login into my user account.

I'll list a few, noteworthy things if it will help at all.

- Currently using GeForce 344.11 driver.

- Using a Samsung LE19R86BD TV

- I have tried two separate HDMI and DVI adaptors and I have had the exact same issue as described above.

- My old VGA cable works just fine with the Nvidia driver installed or not. That said, the quality is pretty awful due to the noticeable green tint on dark/black backgrounds on my screen.

- The BIOS screen still appears perfectly normal. As I said, the error message and black screen only occur 10-15 seconds into Windows booting itself up.

- Safe mode is the only way of displaying onscreen things post-Windows boot with an HDMI while the Nvidia driver is installed.

- Uninstalling the Nvidia driver completely in Safe Mode and then restarting the Windows normally again allows my HDMI to display everything post-Windows boot.

Thanks for reading and for any help you can offer!