Sep 25, 2020
I'm using a Philips home theater, HTB5580X, connected to a TCL 55C715 TV.

When the sound from the TV enters the HT through the optical input, there is no problem, but when it passes through HDMI ARC, at a given moment the sound is lost and a very loud hiss comes out.

This can happen without a definite time ... about 10, 15 min after it is working well.

Then I need to select another sound source in the HT and go back to HDMI ARC, which will work well for a while before the hiss comes in again.

The coaxial input of the HT also has this problem with the sound from an android box, however the sound is ok for a longer time before entering that damn hiss.

The problem, then, is with the HT, it seems to me. Is it a configuration problem or a hardware defect?

Thanks in advance for any help.