Hdmi cable


Feb 21, 2012
Here it is trying to watch my computer on tv attached HDMI cable straight to tv from computer and even tried it through my dvd player when pressing source button on tv remote it just says no signal on everything. Is there anything I need to change on my computer for my tv to reconise cable all connections are ok even tried vga cables before this same problem. Im very new to this so could answers be in simple terms no computer jargon have 42" plasma tv and acer aspire windows vista computer.



Once you connect the HDMI cable (you may have HDMI 1 and HDMI 2)Try going into your television menu and choose HDMI - I just press AV on my remote and it gives me choices of AV - AV2 -AV3-PC-HDMI 1 - HDM1 2. ---- choose the applicable HDMI on your tv make sure both ends of the cable are in they can come loose.

hope that helps. Bianka