Question HDMI connection issue

May 12, 2021
Hi, I hope someone may be able to help, it seems like a really strange problem and I can't pinpoint where the issue is.

Using an ASUS TUF DASH F15 with a 3070 GPU.

I seem to be having difficulty with enabling an external display, but ONLY when plugged in to the power supply, the issue goes away when taking the laptop off the power supply.

When off power supply, I get my screens extended to my TV as expected. However the moment I plug the power supply back in, so it's no longer running off battery, I am unable to use the secondary screen via HDMI unless I disable the integrated GPU within device manager - Even when this is done, I am only able to duplicate the display, not extend or show only on display 2.

I've tried turning iGPU on, off and auto within Armoury Crate but this makes no difference.

Any advice would be appreciated.