HDMI - DVI switiching


Dec 22, 2012
I want to use a HDTV as a monitor. I have heard that HDMI is too sharp for text and other objects to be clear. I also have heard that the video from PC looks great using HDMI. Is there a switch - KVM style _ that allows both HDMI and DVI cables to be left in my video card (Sapphire AMD 6850) and I can simply turn the switch depending on what I am doing on the computer? I don't want to keep plugging and unplugging cables constantly. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
HDMI uses exact same signal as DVI, and the only differences are that HDMI can carry sound, DVI supports higher resolutions and they use different connectors. There's zero difference in quality.

The reason you've heard that with HDMI the text isn't clear is not because of HDMI being too sharp: it's because some TVs automatically set sharpness to very high levels which causes the text to blur. A solution for this would just be reducing the sharpness setting on the TV manually.