Sep 1, 2006
are there any good video boards with HDMI yet?

I would like to add HDMI to a home theater pc I'm building and I wondering if its even worth it yet

question # 2. Does anyone know if the motherboard with HDMI pins, are the pins just for sound or will adding hdmi to a pc (that supports it) will slow down graphics like a integrated graphics can


Feb 27, 2006
Tisk, tisk, tisk. I will try to help.

1) Any mobo that support the Intel G965 chipset also supports the HDMI interface. The interesting part of this is the HDMI ADD2 cards are difficult to find. This company, Pro-Link USA is selling one for $43, model ADD-7315-DVI-T. However, they do not provide the cable that connects the Intel HD output on the mobo to the HD input on the card. You can make one yourself (and its not that difficult).

2) There will not be any slow down from using the HDMI pins on the mobo. BTW, they are not video pins they are audio only pins. There purpose is to connect to the HDMI card and mux sound to the video.

Heard enough? Now go shopping and get that HDMI set up you want. Good luck mate.