HDMI graphics card and HDMI monitor?? HELP!


Oct 15, 2008
Hi all,

I'm looking at getting a Sapphire HD 4370 512MB HDMI graphics card....but on the product description it says "HDMI compliant via dongle" - does this mean I have to get something else in order to be able to connect it to a HDMI MONITOR?

Also, if I get a monitor which has a HDMI port, can I use HDMI between the graphics card stated above and my monitor as my output for my everyday computing via a HDMI cable?

Sorry im very confused!

HDMI connections sends both video and audio signals from source to destination.

A video card with no HDMI output must have a DVI-D to HDMI adapter connected to the DVI-D port. Since a DVI-D port only transmit video signals, connecting the video card to HDTV or monitor with HDMI cable thru such an adapter will only transmit video signals.

Current generation ATI HD XXXX video cards are capable of processing audio signals, however current generation nVidia video cards do not have any built-in audio processor. Thus, connecting an ATI HD XXXX with an integrated HDMI port to a HDTV or monitor using a HDMI cable will transfer both video and sound.

Since nVidia cards cannot process audio a pass-thru cable is connected between the video card and sound card / integrated motherboard audio. The audio signal is then pass thru the video card via the video card's integrated HDMI port, thru the HDMI cable and finally to the destination.

In your situation, to get sound you must connect the audio card / integrated audio to the HDTV / PC monitor using a separate cable (RCA cable, optical cable, whatever).