Question HDMI on windows keeps disconnecting and reconnecting


Aug 11, 2017
Hi there!, I have been having this annoying issue with windows 7, which i have been using for 3 years where my HDMI, asus VZ249 monitor keeps disconnecting and reconnecting randomly (this started 3 months ago, out of nowhere no crashes or new software installed), and sometimes doesn't reconnect at all. I usually switch to VGA which works fine, when this happens. I initially suspected this to be a hardware issue but, i have never had this problem when i switch to Ubuntu or the boot menu. its only on windows. My system hardware is as follows

  • Processor - i5 4570, 6MB cache
  • Motherboard - ASUS B85 Pro gamer
  • Ram - 14 GB DDR3
  • Power supply - Corsair CV450
  • Samsung 850 evo 256GB SSD / Windows 7
  • WD green 256GB SSD / Ubuntu
  • Old Hitachi HD (160GB) for general storage
  • no external graphics card
  • DVD burner
I use this PC as my workstation, for programming, electronics CAD design, graphics design and general web browsing (watching videos and reading blogs).
Additionally i have ESET installed with a paid license over windows defender.

So i searched online for solutions and here's what i have tried which have not worked.

  • Updating the latest Intel graphics drivers.
  • Trying a different HDMI cable
  • Trying it on another HDMI monitor
  • Did a registry editor corruption check (/sfc scannow)
  • No suspicious events on the event monitor other than bunch of PnP events
I would like to know if there's any other fixes i can try, any help / suggestion would be great!