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Question HDMI Port 1 on Samsung TV, PC w 1080, wont display. Advice?


Oct 25, 2018
NOTE: All product model specifics included at the end of the post.

Hello all, I am using a 65' Samsung JU670D 4k curved TV as my primary display for my computer. My computer is connected via a 25ft Mediabridge HDMI w/ Ethernet cable. When the HDMI cable is connected to the TV's HDMI ports 2, 3, or 4 it comes right up and displays (though I had to use my GPU to force 4k@60, it would only do 4k@30).

However, HDMI Port 1 is made for PCs specifically (STB/DVIm and only this port supports HDMI UHD Color (also known as Input Signal Plus), so I'd like to use that. However when the PC is connected to this port, the display is black and the TV says no signal. HDMI 1 works just fine when connecting a docked Nintendo Switch, however.

After speaking with a tier 2 samsung rep, she let me know that HDMI 1 should be working with just an HDMI cable, and I have factory reset the TV. At this point I do not know if its a me problem, NVIDIA problem, Samsung problem, or stupid Windows setting. Included is all specific info:

CPU: i7-6700K
MBD: ASUS TUF Sabretooth Z170
RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200 Trident Z
GPU: NVidia 1080 Seahawk X
OS: Windows 10 64bit
HDMI Cable: Mediabridge 25ft HDMI 2.0 18Gbps (just grabbed off the Amazon product page)
TV: Samsung UN65JU670DFXZA (Note, this TV was given to me by the previous owner of the house, I did not purchase it. It's possible it's a black friday model, if it matters).

SETUP: HDMI Cable connected directly from GPU HDMI port to HDMI port in TV. NVidia is forcing TV to be in 60p, as HDMI ports try to force 4k@30.

OTHER HDMI PORTS: Samsung Soundbar for ARC in HDMI3

Ideas, suggestions, entertaining jokes all welcome. I'm legitimately stumped.

PS: I searched for this issue, didn't find it. I hope this is the right place to post this.