Question HDMI port not working on Asus G531G laptop ?

May 14, 2022
Hopefully this thread helps others with this problem. My Asus Rog Strix G531G laptop has no HDMI out signal. I thought it was a faulty Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU. GPU was disabled in device manager with error code 43. I went through a bunch of software solutions to no avail. Found out the GPU is replaceable. I opened it up and the GPU looks like crap. I used to vape around the laptop and have had moisture issues inside from vape getting pulled in. After realizing that I have attempted to keep it clean and dry inside. Overall, the laptop looks good inside, but the GPU was quite wet with brownish coloration all about it. Is it possible a re-paste might bring it back?

If I need a new GPU should I go with the exact same or can you guys recommend a dirt cheap but acceptable GPU and/or a better GPU? I was looking at these: (the 1650, but what does "with solder balls" mean?) and (possibly a cheap alternative?).

What is the best method for removing paste? How should I remove the GPU- just pull it up? How should I put the replacement in- just drop it in? What paste is the best in this case? What is the best pasting protocol? There are numbers next to the screw holes in the heat sink. Should the screws be tightened to finality in that order once all the pasting has been done?

For some reason, I don't think any time I've tried I've been able to restore the laptop to complete factory configuration. I recall it's missing some easy feature some Asus laptops have to do that. So, I'm thinking to place a replacement GPU in then run a new Windows install in hopes that the relevant drivers are found and installed correctly. Does that sound reasonable? Would it be better to just place a replacement in and then try to get it to work without the clean Windows install?
Thanks so much for your time.