Question HDMI port not working on GPU after Windows crash ?

Apr 6, 2022
Hey Guys,
So ive recently picked up an older pc for a good price and it was working perfectly fine. I decided to dowload amd drivers for my gpu, and thats where the trouble began.

Once i downloaded the drivers my gpu it lost all signal to my tv via hdmi. It does not recognize the TV anymore.
Ive tried:

  • reset cmos
  • reseated gpu
  • installed a new version of windows on a new ssd
  • checked all drivers, all are up to date, tried uninstalling an reinstalling them, no change.
  • hdmi cable and tv are working fine, with my xbox
  • tried it on a different tv, no signal again
  • changed bios setting after reading several threads on here
  • cleaned my gpu
  • disconnected all cables and grounded the pc
  • reset tv
Curious thing is, the vga port of the card works fine, so i suspect its some kind of software issue.

My System:
asus b 85 pro
i5 4670
R9 280x
ddr3 ram 16 gb

As ive mentioned everything was working just fine and ive tried everything in my power to undo whatever i messed up when i updated the drivers.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance <3