Question HDMI power backfeed blew channel on computer ?

Aug 18, 2022
I'm working with Intel NUCs and they have 2 HDMI outputs. I had a flakey power input cord apparently and I discovered that if I unplugged the power cord to the computer that it would boot up anyway as long as the HDMI cord was plugged into a powered up monitor. After about 30 seconds or so the cpu would turn off and the HDMI channel would be blown - never to work again. I could switch the HDMI cable to the second channel and it would power up the cpu as well. For some reason only the channel labeled channel 2 would destroy itself on these NUCs. They are version 7s by the way. I must be fairly stupid because it took me 3 NUCs to figure out what exactly was going on. So yeah, I blew out channel 2 on 3 separate NUCs by just plugging in the HDMI with the power cord unplugged. I have searched for this problem and I cannot believe no one has seen this before.