Question HDMI stopped working for one monitor only ?


Sep 3, 2015
Hi I've been using the hdmi port on my GPU for years without problem. I use it for my main display and for tv when I watch youtube etc.
Today as usual I switched it to tv hdmi cable ( only one hdmi port on gpu ) watched some tv and then switched back to monitor.
But there is no hdmi signal on my monitor.
I tried connecting it to the second monitor and tv again and it works there but my main monitor says there is no hdmi and doesn't recognize it anymore.
I connected it via VGA now and it works, but not the hdmi.
I tried restarting, unplugging everything and waiting, changing the order of boot sequence, switching between cables and devices, making sure the GPU is in place.

Can it be that the hdmi port on the gpu stopped working for main monitor only ( it works for other monitor or tv ( on tv only for hdmi3 on tv not other ports, which is also weird as it worked on all tv ports before )) or that for whatever reason the monitor hdmi port stoped working although I never touched that previously?

Do you know what may be the solution to this?

Thank you.