Question HDMI switch box problem.

Mar 16, 2022
Hi, Im having an issue with my HDMI switch box.
Im trying to have a playstion 4 and a PC hooked up to it. When I switch from ps4 to PC the screen goes blue and the message that there is no signal comes on in the corner, and then the screen goes black, It then repeats this random amounts of time until it finally shows me my PC. It has taken up to 8 times before.When switching from PC to ps4 it works just fine. Also my PC when its doing this pattern plays a sound that it usually plays when the PC becomes disconnected from whatever its plugged into. Also when im in an application, and I hit the windows key on the kb to get the desktop to show, it does it again ever single time I switch between an app and desktop with windows key.

How can I stop this? Its driving me crazy cause I have to switch back and forth often.