[SOLVED] HDMI to VGA suddenly stopped working

Jul 16, 2020
So, I've had this really old monitor for a while, the Acer X203w that only has a VGA port
However, I recently upgraded my gpu and it only supports HDMI, DVI-D and Display Port.
I bought a HDMI TO VGA adapter and IT WAS WORKING FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS, until suddenly it stopped working, out of nowhere, and I tried, with 2 different adaptors and tried and it just stopped working
pls help me


Dec 28, 2014
Try VGA to VGA? To rule out if it's a problem with your adapters or the monitor itself. (Most older laptops still have VGA output, if you've got one laying around or know someone)

Not working as in nothing displaying at all, not even a ''No connection'' screen? Might just be the ribbon cable that's come loose. Could also be the power plug/brick, if the power button doesn't even light up.

But it's also practically a teenager at this point. My best guess would be a popped capacitor, if the aboves doesn't work. Usually not hard to repair.
To diagnose it, then it's a matter of opening it up, take a look at the capacitors and identify if there's any with a bulged top. At least that's the most common symptom of a dead capacitor.
If there is one (or multiple) with a bulged top, then it's a matter of ordering a new one of the same size/spec, desolder the old one and solder in the new one. It's just 2 pins, not at all difficult.