Discussion HDR and Gsync/Freesync: Yay or nay?


Aug 23, 2016

About the name of this topic, I have some discussions with real life people, for some years now already.
And for the outcome of these discussions, I've decided to create this topic to see what you all think. Or, at least to gather some more info about it, just because im curious to see all opnions about it.

In the past I always thought that having HDR and/or Gsync/Freesync was not an absolute must, untill, last year I bought the Gigabyte Aorus CV27F monitor which had both.

Ofcourse it only has HDR400, and it, only, supports g-sync unofficial, but since then I strongly think that it brings something extra on the table, cause when both are enabled, its a blast to either game, watch movies, do some photo editing, etc.

Lots of people however, seem to think differently. They think that just having a monitor is okay, and that they don't bother of how things look on it.

1 of those friends however, is thinking a bit differently now, as he now says: Whenever I switch back from HDR to non HDR, his eyes needs much more time to adjust to it, then when HDR is activated.

So all in all, what is your opinion on this matter, cause again, since I bought myself a good monitor, I strongly think its an absolute must to have to get a much better experience, with whatever I am doing on the pc.

So, I hope to get your opinions as well, just because I'm curious!