Question HDR on Lenovo Legion 5 15ith6h

Nuwan Fernando

Hi all,
I got my Lenovo Legion 5 without prebuilt OS.
So, I installed Windows 10 and installed all the drivers from lenovo support page. Installed Lenovo Vantage too.

My screen is a 165Hz 1080p panel which says it supports HDR. But I can't setup HDR on games. Is this normal?
Also i don't get any configuration settings on Lenovo Vantage software under display (other than the blue light).

Much appreciate if you can get me drivers or colour profiles that enables HDR on mylaptop.

Thank you

Nuwan Fernando

It doesn't show me "Play HDR games and apps" in display settings for me.
Also, it shows yes only under Stream HDR video.
for play HDR games and apps and use WCG apps shows as no.

It must be a driver problem.

Do you have a driver installed for the display? or just generic driver for it?


Jun 9, 2021
What is your panel? 1080p 165Hz 300 nit ?
2.5K 165Hz 300nit, presumably almost the same thing. Showed up in Device Manager as "Generic PnP monitor" with generic drivers. Display capabilities like resolution, refresh rates, or HDR are supposed to be available via HDMI interface, or so I thought.

If there's no option for "Use HDR" in your display settings...I don't know what's going on.