Jul 28, 2016
I have Q70R 55inch TV. I want to know how does the HDR compares to an LG OLED. I watched some HDR videos on built-in YouTube app and saw small changes, but nothing dramatic. Also played couple of HDR games and same story. Anyone here who saw both QLED and OLED HDR? Am I missing out on much? Thanks a lot!
I know about that site. The oled has worse peak brightness but I think that HDR looks better because of the superior contrast and the panel is able to get increased brightness from small points on screen. Right?
I agree with what you are saying and RTings do score HDR movies and gaming higher on the OLED. Personally I have C9 65 and B7 55 and am happy with OLED but I have not lived with a QLED TV. I find comparing TV’s in stores of very limited help as they are usually very poorly setup or they are in the shops near me.