HDTV as a computer monitor.

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Jun 17, 2006
My 27" RCA TV that has lasted me about 12 years now is starting to show signs of its age. We've had to correct the vertical and horizontal alignment multiple times and I think it's time for a new TV.

I use a 17" LCD monitor for my computer, and I've had that for 3 years or so now. So I'm looking to upgrade that as well.

A friend of mine has a high quality computer monitor with a cable input on it and it sparked an idea. Maybe I could buy a monitor that can be used as a television, or vice-versa. There are a lot of nice LCDTVs out there that would do the job, but I'm looking for an HDTV.

I've done quite a bit of research on the subject and the problem I'm running into is that most HDTV's are huge. I'd rather not sit in front of a 50" computer monitor. It'd be a bit rough on the eyes.

The smallest HDTV I've found is a 42. I did find a Pretty Decent one.

Some others I found were a nice medium, but there have been no reviews on them that I can find.

What I am looking for:

~My Budget is ~$2000
~I will be buying at Christmas time (Hopefully good deals)
~I would like an HDTV that would be at least 720p.
~DVI or HDMI to hook up to my computer
~The Smaller the better (Since I will be sitting close, a 50" LCD running at 1080i won't look as good as a 37" running at 1080i since I will be close enough to notice the larger pixel size.)
~LCD or 3LCD. I would love a CRT but moving a 270lb TV into and out of my apartment would be a pain since I only live there 8 months out of the year.

Beyond that I'm looking for what everyone looks for. High quality color, High contrast ratio, the works.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


On the other hand,

I haven't looked into a high quality monitor that could play HDTV as well. From what I've seen these are immensely more expensive but the option is still open if one fits my budget. Most of what its television use would be for DVDs and video games, but it would still be nice once the next-gen systems come out that I can play them on HD.


Jun 20, 2006
well first of all I think LCD will be a definite over plasma as your windows bar will burn into the screen after a while and that could be irritating. now there is the big question of what is your preference to a screen size
1. if you would be happy with a screen size of about 30" there are many monitors that surpass even HDTV resolutions this dell monitor fits in your bracket here
but if you get that you will probably want to spend the other $400 on a TV tuner card and a graphics card (must be capable of dual DVI) that can support such definition and if you do this you will have a high end multimedia pc capable of gaming and other pc functions.
2. if you want a high def TV and these can get big within your budget but I don’t no the preferable place to look as I’m not in the us but if you are getting one of these make sure HDMI as you stated but you might also have to upgrade your graphics to support it although many new ones do and you might also want to look as some TV’s are beginning to have DVI outputs.
how ether i personally would go with the monitor its big enough and capable of far superior definition how ether if you plan on watching allot of TV it wont be running at native resolution
hope i helped


Sep 20, 2001
I've seen a lot of smaller HDTV's down to 20 inches. The problem I see is whether at 720p or 1080p, I think the screen would be too low a resolution for computer usage (for my usage I should say). And I just don't think any size at 1080i would be good for long term usage.

LCD monitors have become quite affordable, I've seen 17inch LCD's under $200 and 19" widescreens for $300.

I'd recommend getting a new LCD for your computer in that price range, and finding a decent HDTV for your remaining 1500. That leaves you some change in your budget for cables and a new pillow for your back when reviewing all your DVD's.

A quick trip to the HG stores showed me a lot of HDTV's between 1000 and 1500 (remember, with a seperate LCD for the computer, you can afford a 42inch plasma - 768P)
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