He who writes the Dictionary Rules the World!


Jan 18, 2002
This whole Ati vs Nvidia conflict is ultimately a battle over word definitions. The words "optimization" and "cheating" are just two examples. Nvidia wants to write the dictionary and so I think does ATI()or at least influence it). Look at recent history, when Microsoft defined the DX9 API Nvidia went to them and said, "change the definition to suit our hardware" Microsoft said No! Nvidia thought they had enough market clout to re-write the dictionary to their own definition and much to their surprise it did not work! Nvidia does not adhere to standard API's because it wants to define and ultimately control the market through its majority share.

Ultimately it is not Nvidia or Microsoft or Opengl or ATI who control the dictionary. Hopefully it is you and I - the end user who are the final editors of the definition of cheat vs optimization. It will be a terrible day when we all roll over and allow some company to write the dictionary without our critical inputs. Review sites like THG help to shape our definitons through their insights into the labyrinth of the tech world.

So here's to US! I salute YOU! The power is in OUR hands (or more accurately wallets). We can rule the world!

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Jan 4, 2003
BIG deal ;)
once aBox comes out, nVidia is screwed
until then, nVIDIA RULES ALL!

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I think it's also the companies. Even nV agreed in their list to accredit what is a true optimization that loss in quality to increase scores and application detection to increase scores is a no-no.

So it is a combination us & them, but yes we do hold most of the power/cards.

I just wish they'd realize that.

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