Question Header Confusion

Feb 13, 2022
I am planning on purchasing the corsair icue comander core xt and 6 cooler master sickleflow 120 V2 RGBs . I know the rgb fan headers are only for corsair fans. however, can i use the commaner core xt for the fan headers and daisy chain the rgb headers together and put then on a rgb slot on the mobo?


Yes, but maybe not exactly as you describe. From an electrical LOAD view, YES. Any common 4-pin RGB header on the mobo can power up to 3 A max load. Your fans are spec'd to draw 0.09 A per fan for lights only, total 0.54 A load. No problem.

You say "daisy chain". That phrase means the EACH fan has TWO connectors for its LIGHTS (in addition to the one for the motor) - one female to plug into a power source (the mobo header), and another (male) to provide an output to plug in the next fan's lights. I do not see that feature listed for the fans you specify. Their web page indicates only that they have standard 4-pin RGB female input cables. So you would need to get some 4-pin RGB (NOT the 3-pin ARGB) lighting Splitters like this,aps,103&sr=8-7

That's a 2-pack of Splitters of this type. NOTE these come with all female connectors, plus gender-changer adapters to convert four of the output connectors of each Splitter to males. To connect six fans' lighting cables, plug the input end of the second Splitter into one of the outputs of the first Splitter. This Splitter "stack" provides seven outputs for fans.

If I am wrong about the fans - that is, if they DO have daisy-chain cables on them - then you do not need those Splitters.

Remember that each RGB 4-pin connector has a marker (often an arrow or triangle) for the 12 VDC power line at ONE end hole or pin. You MUST align these at EVERY connection point.