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Question Headphone bleeding?


Aug 30, 2013
A month ago i bought a pair of Coolermaster MH752 for myself and a pair of Creative H6 for my girlfriend.
Recently while we were on discord i noticed that her headphones would echo my voice horribly. After a bit of research and testing, i noticed that my headphones echo as well, but in a lower amount.
I'm not really sure how to call it, echo, bleed or something else.
I ended up opening windows voice record in order to eliminate any chance that the problem is cause by discord, teamspeak etc. and i found out that even with my mic detached from the headphones, i would get a faint recording of the music i was listening at that time. It would only stop when i shut off the mic from the headphone button or switched to my speakers (basically when i blocked current going to or coming from the headphones).
I searched and tried all popular solutions regarding software settings such as stereo mix, "listen to this device" etc. etc. so i'm pretty sure its either a hardware issue or a driver issue.
The headphones are connected via usb so i don't think it is interference issue cause by jack cables/inputs.

Is this something that can be fixed or it is something that has to do with the internal wiring of the headphones?