Question Headphone mic doesn't work on PC


Aug 22, 2019
Headphones are Sony's WH-1000XM3. PC is custom, motherboard is an MSI B450 Tomahawk.

So something I've noticed since I bought my new headphones is that the microphone doesn't seem to work. The output is perfectly fine, but no testing program (e.g. Windows mic setup, Discord's mic testing, online mic tests) registers any input from the integrated mic. I found this super weird, since the headphone mic works perfectly fine on my phone, regardless of whether I connected via wire or Bluetooth, and my previous headphones (Skullcandy) worked just fine on my PC with the mic (though I recall fiddling with some settings vaguely to make it work). The PC certainly registers that the mic is plugged in, and the troubleshooter comes back with no issues, but it nonetheless does not detect any sound besides static.

Some similar issues I've seen mentioned that the PC likely doesn't have the right number of pins for the headphone jack, but this doesn't seem to line up with the fact that my previous headphones worked just fine with no adapter. Any help is appreciated.

Edit: I should probably mention that I've plugged into every single port I have on my PC. This includes the front port (which, for the sake of this question, is that one I'm having the aforementioned issues with), and the 6 various ports on the back, some of which provide audio, none of which seem to provide input.
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