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Jul 13, 2010
Based on my affinity to my Kraken 7.1 Chroma/Classic (not V2) and budget I have narrowed my choices down to two options unless more are provided here. Now let me be specific on this: I am USED to and ENJOY the Kraken 7.1’s (classic). Something similar in bass and loudness would be appreciated. I have begun research on specs like ohm, frequencies, blue tooth vs wireless, etc... Just to be told those don’t really matter. I am by no means experienced, I have been using these krakens for over four or five years...

My current ideas are:

1) Arctis Pro + Dac (heard it lacks bass)


2) Thresher Ultimate (seems to be a buffed up version as the kraken 7.1 v2 but with enhanced frequencies and dolby surround which ive researched is better by far than what synapse offered. I realize surround in headsets seems to be considered a gimmick by most people and not helpful but I live for immersive experiences and also play OW and footsteps actually help me a lot).

I have had HD6xx thrown at me but that begins to exceed my budget and I am not entirely sure they will serve my purpose. I have also looked DT770/880’s but by the sounds of things they fall flat and are often used as referral when testing other headsets highs and lows...

My current Krakens are dying; the wiring is coming loose at the base of the left can and are crossing occasionally, otherwise I would stay with them. I’m not a fanboy, I just genuinely enjoy the thump and shake they put out. Ive found it difficult to find another headset that will sound and feel like subwoofers on my head.

Any input appreciated, budget is CDN $250 - $300 max.

Thank you.


There are so many picks in your budget that, as you saw, there will not be a single thing that everyone will tell you to get. For example here

From some reading I did, the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 may be good for you to check out. Also keep in mind that even a lower "good" quality dac/headphone amp will give you better results than just onboard audio from most computers. I am playing around with what is probably the best $60 and under dac/amp combo FX-Audio X-6, it added a noticeable boost to clarity and space feel in all my headphones over my laptop sound card, and anything that level or better will do the same. Another thing I like about that unit is that is has a line out so I can use the volume control on my powered speakers and keep the level at what I like on headphones and the speakers without moving the volume knob on the amp every time I switch.



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