Question Headphones and mic connecting but not playing on Windows 10

Feb 21, 2020
I've been running into an issue since I installed my new GPU and PSU where my headphones and mic can both connect to my PC but refuse to actually work. I can see the equalizer moving in the mixer as I try to play music through the headphones, and I can see the microphone picking up audio, but neither work. No audio is played or recorded.

This suspiciously coincides with my recent installation of a new GPU and PSU, so I decided to check physical connections, but nothing seemed to be loose. Of course, the headphones are detected and connected by the OS so that's a sign that the hardware isn't screwed.

I've reinstalled the drivers for the generic devices under "Sound, video and game controllers", ensured that all mutes are off, tried to use the ports on the back of my PC, changed the audio format to every other option, made sure the headphones and mic are default devices, disabled exclusive mode and audio enhancements and screwed around with the windows audio service.

The timing is too coincidental to make me think that this isn't related to me installing the new GPU and PSU, but I'm not sure what could be broken.