Question Headphones are not being detected when plugged into headphone and mic jacks

Aug 11, 2020
Hi everyone. I cannot find the solution online so I am posting here. I have a pair of Logitech G430 headphones that will work when plugged into a usb connector. However, It will not work plugged into the jacks. I tried other headphones but none of them are detected by the computer. Therefore, the issue is either software sided or the jacks are busted. I would like to think that it is software sided, since the previous owner had no issues with it. Is there a driver I need to download? Thank you in advance for the help.
*I want to get the headphones to work with the jacks because the usb connector interferes with the software for the headphones, which makes the maximum volume not that loud. I read that plugging into the headphone and mic jacks will fix the issue. Thanks!